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Week #2 : Working in Vancouver?

Hi, welcome to my week 2 in Canada!

We've been a little bit more chilled about exploring this week. I love being in a big city and having lots of things happening around me, BUT sometimes it does become a bit much for a shy little introvert like myself...but the good thing about having 2 weeks in one place is that you can allow yourself a "day off" from sight-seeing without feeling guilty, because time isn't pressing on you as much.

We did go on a one day trip though, to explore some more amazing nature - in Lynn Canyon.

Lynn Canyon Park.

Lynn Canyon is a park in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. It's got lots of hiking trails for you to choose from and there's also a river that runs through, with some pretty waterfalls and natural pools that you can bathe in on a sunny day (warning: the water is freezing! But if the weather is good this might actually be a good thing). What I loved about these pools was the green/turquoise colours in it and how super clear it is!

I brought my sketchbook with me to gather some inspiration, although I didn't actually get a chance to draw much. But I took tons of photos!

Art Inspiration of the week: The Contemporary Art Gallery.

While I'm on this Canada-trip I want to actively try and seek out local art in the places I visit. Whether it's galleries, museums, markets, studios or street art - if you have any tips on local art scenes ANYWHERE in Canada, please share them with me!

Last week I visited Granville Island, which is a hub for many artists, with open studios and individual artist's shops, as well as a public market.

But this week I went for something slightly different - Vancouver's Contemporary Art Gallery.

I'll admit, contemporary art isn't necessarily my first choice, but I think it's important to be open and seek inspiration in different places. The current exhibition they have features work by artist Maryam Jafri.

I was actually pleasantly surprised by it, especially two of the pieces that were featured: there is a giant crossword on the wall that you can try to work out (I love that it's interactive) and they had a video playing where the artist discussed copyright in relation to art, which was quite interesting.

I was slightly disappointed in how small the gallery was though, as I felt it was a very short experience. If you're like me and want to spend hours being surrounded by artwork, this is not the place.

Fee: If you're on a tight budget this gallery is free, but I encourage you to give them a donation for all the hard work they do!

This weeks artwork: My first full drawing since arriving.

In the various forest walks we've been on we've encountered lots of squirrels. Being from Iceland, this excites me very much! Therefore, I figured it would be a nice subject for my first proper drawing of this trip. It's still in progress, but here's the result so far:

Lastly, if you're an artist and ever find yourself in British Columbia (Canada), you MUST visit a shop called Opus Art Supplies.

Opus is a chain of 8 art supply shops spread around the Vancouver area and a few other locations across the BC region. They are honestly the hub for any artist - whether you're a professional, a student or hobbyist. An even better term I heard is that it's an artist's candy store, as it has shelf after shelf of different mediums, colours and brands to meet all of your needs. They also sell easels, canvases and other larger tools - and they offer a printing and framing service, as well as art events and demonstrations. So, pretty much everything you need to get started on your artistic journey, or to continue the one you're already on...

And this brings me to the big question of the week, do I have a job in Vancouver?

At this moment in time, no. I did have an interview though, in an art shop. I'm not sharing any further details on the shop or the role at this moment, as I don't know exactly what will come out of it yet. I just know that the ladies who interviewed me were lovely and no matter how it all goes, I am grateful for the opportunity I got to speak to them.

That's it for now. You can expect my next blog to be posted from a camper van, and hopefully I'll have some fun stories to tell you. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram: @siljaroswangart for updates!

Peace Out,



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