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Week #1: We made it to Vancouver!

Wow, I can't believe our first week in Vancouver is nearly over! I'm starting this in my hostel's kitchen at stupid-o'clock (5am) on a Saturday morning, but tomorrow will mark the end of our first week, what's happened in the first week??

I'll start with a brief summary of:

1. All the hard stuff.

Firstly and most importantly, we've spent a fair bit of time sorting out some "admin" stuff. I'm not going to bore you with the details but if you're arriving in Canada on an IEC (working holiday), you MUST sort out these 3 things:

- Apply for a SIN (Social Insurance Number).

- Get a Canadian phone number.

- Last but not least, open a Canadian bank account.

I'm not gonna go into details about these things (unless you request it - just ask!). I will say, however, that this wasn't all straight forward and has taken up a BIG chunk of our time (primarily SIM's for our phones and bank accounts - we nearly gave up on the latter).


We're not actually doing the whole "Van Life" thing, but we have been searching for a last minute camper van in the last few days and after a TON of research and finding most vans either booked up or very expensive, we managed to find one - which I'll update you on after we pick it up next week!

And now, the more fun stuff:

2. Enjoying Vancouver!

Vancouver isn't an extremely large city, so you can see a fair bit by foot - which we've done a lot of. I ended up with an aching right foot and a huge blister, but aside from that we've had a fantastic time. Among the places we've seen are:

- The waterfront and Canada Place.

Stunning views, lots of inspiration for artwork if you like landscapes - and a few outdoor art pieces (see my slideshow below):

- Stanley Park.

We were nicely surprised by the size of Stanley Park. It has tons of big, high trees that you can walk around and there's also a path along the seawall and a couple of beaches. Also, a beautiful place to seek inspiration for artwork.

- Granville Island.

Granville Island is only a short bus or boat ride away from the city centre and has a huge public market, small shops and some amazing galleries / artist studios, featuring some wonderful artwork and you can meet some of the artists in person as these are also their studio spaces. Highly recommend!

- Downtown City Centre.

Not so much inspiring, but if you need to do some shopping or eat, Vancouver has so so many options! There's a big mall called the Pacific Centre, and all around the city it feels like everywhere you look there's a restaurant. There is also a bit of street art going on, if you look closely!

My Little Red Sketchbook: first sketch in Canada.

My first sketch in Canada! I haven't had much time to draw or sketch, but I managed to squeeze this one it...I don't normally draw landscape, so this was a good challenge for me. I was just so drawn to the surrounding mountains here in this beautiful city - especially one overcast morning, when the clouds covered the tops. I like the dramatic, mystical feel of clouds on mountaintops.

That's it for my summary of our first week in Canada, exploring Vancouver!

Let's see what next week brings us...

Silja xx

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