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My Travel Artist Backpack (last travel artist post?)

What art supplies do you need when you travel? And what backpack is best? Is it realistic to travel long-term and carry art supplies with you?

In June last year I filmed a video showing my travel art supplies and backpack.

I have since then spent a whole month in a small campervan in the Canadian Rockies and lived in 3 different homes around Vancouver, 2 of which haven't offered a desk or proper lighting. So, after a year of testing this travel art kit out, I have a few thoughts to add.

You'll find my final review down below, but please watch the video first!

I hope it answers some of your questions and offers a few useful tips.

This video is for you, if you:

1. Strive to live a nomadic lifestyle and want to make art along the way.

2. You're dreaming up your next trip (once this whole worldwide pandemic is over)

3. You simply want to be creative outside in your garden but don't have the right set-up.

My final review:

1. The Vaschy backpack is not perfect, but still pretty good.

The biggest pro is that it really is a spacious bag! I can fit SO many thing is there that I'm surprised the arm straps haven't snapped from the weight...which brings me to the only CON of this bag: it get really heavy! The straps are sort of thin/slim, which means you can feel the weight pretty easily. However, I find that the space you get is worth it (except when you have to walk with it for 30 minutes) and it has several compartments which are useful too.

Plus, for the price it costs you can't really complain...You can buy it here (NOT affiliate).

2. These things have saved my life:

  • Foldable watercolour palettes (or with lids) are very handy.

I'm so grateful to be able to pack my bag before my watercolour palette has fully dried (and without having to wash it), because I can close it and avoid any mess.

  • The foldable water-container has also been a success.

I know getting your hand on a cheap container of some sort isn't hard, but I love the way this cup can be neatly folded to take up less space - and it's reusable so it's less wasteful than some other options.

This is the one I have (NOT affiliate link).

  • I love my Drawing Board more than I love pizza (not really, but almost).

I've mentioned this before, because this is honestly my absolute top advice: Get yourself a drawing board. It doesn't have to be expensive and just get a thin/lightweight one - as long as it's big enough to fit your paper (and maybe rest an arm on it), that's the main thing. Mine is size A3 and has a handle so you can easily carry it around.

Drawing boards will help you adapt to different situations/settings more easily...whether you're outdoors, on the ground, in a chair or in bed, you can always rest the board on your lap or something to do your work.

ALSO: If you work in charcoal or do painting, you can keep the area clean by using the board as a surface protector:

3. Take care of your paint brushes!

Get some protection (a case or a container) for your brushes. Do not just put them in one of the sleeves/compartments in your bag. I did that and I'm starting to see the brush hairs get ruined with hairs sticking out in different direction, which makes it more difficult to paint fine details. This is probably basic painting 101 knowledge BUT I made this mistake, so clearly not everyone knows it...

These are my main takeaways from the last few months of living out of my travel artist backpack. I hope they come to good use for you in some way. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy creating, travelling & living!



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