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Being creative in a camper is hard.

Hey there!

In my last blog I told you that my next post would be written from a camper van - well, I AM writing this outside of a camper van, BUT in a notebook! (Obviously, by the time you read this, it has all been transferred to a computer...).

The reason for this is simple:

Making artwork, blog posts or social media content out of a van is bloody hard! If you ever want to do the same, here are a few things to keep in mind...

1. Have a camper with electricity/lights.

We're basically living in a minivan that's been turned into a bedroom with an outdoor kitchen in the back. Aside from the usual car lights, we have nothing. So, staying up all night drawing all the magical things I've seen that day is NOT happening. My time to be creative is therefore limited and I have two options:

a) Don't explore new places, spend the day in the van drawing instead.

b) Resort to this:

ALSO, a pretty big need electricity to charge your laptop and mobile. In some cases, we've had to charge devices in public bathrooms.

2. You need internet!

I hate to say this because I actually love getting a break from it, but if you want to connect with people, share your work and sometimes in order to actually DO the work, you NEED internet. I am currently doing an online course, which obviously requires a lot of being online.

Keep in mind that some places don't have wifi or even any phone signal at all - and be proactive.

- Make the most of your offline time to plan, prepare content, sketch up your next projects and everything else you can possibly do.

- Download and store reference images, documents and other work details on your hard-drive, laptop or phone.

3. Limited space.

As I mentioned, I am living in a van which is pretty much just one bedroom - and I share this small space with my boyfriend, Phil. Although I love being around him and living with him is really easy, this tiny space can be awkward to work with, for example:

1. If you want to stay up later or get up earlier than the other person.

2. If you are dependent on a nice table/desk to work on.

Thankfully, many campsites here in Canada have picnic tables that you can use, but if not I recommend getting one of these:

Drawing Boards can be bought in many online shops.

4. You will be distracted by "all the other things".

Do I need to say more?

Naturally, when you're travelling and exploring new places, you want to spend as much time as possible doing exactly that: EXPLORE. If you're like me, you literally want to see everything - the FOMO is real!

Of course, sometimes you have to be disciplined and do the work - but when you've spent the time and money on this trip you also need to live your life.

These are all things that I was aware of before, but didn't quite prepare myself for how much they'd affect me - so I thought I'd give you a heads up!

Having said that, I am having an amazing time and have gathered tons and tons of pictures and memories to inspire future artwork. I plan to share another post with details on some of the best places I've visited so far, in case you'd like to go there too.

Speak soon,



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