Hello, my name is Silja and I'm an artist, designer & psychology student from Iceland.

For most of my working life, I have had a variety of non-creative jobs, including being a support worker, care aide, housekeeper and sales assistant in a bookstore. 

Although these jobs aren't considered "creative", they have been super useful to me and taught me all the things I value most: good communication, time management and respect for the people around me, whether it's clients or coworkers. 

And most importantly, to always do my best at the job, because you never know how much it might mean to the other person.

The last 7 years have also consisted of a lot of travelling and living in various countries, which has greatly influenced my work and why I create it. I want my work to bring people closer together - even when they're (physically) miles apart.


But here I focus on the more creative things.




2018-2019             Senior art class leader

In charge of a few senior art classes in a residential care home that I used to work in. Doing still-life drawing, free drawing, making Christmas cards, Easter baskets and other crafts.

2017-present        Portrait drawing (freelance)


I draw realistic charcoal/graphite portraits in sizes A4 and A5,

black and white.

These are very popular as gifts.

What I offer:

- People portraits.

- Pet portraits.

- Family portraits, up to 6 people in

  a drawing.

2012-2018             Caricature drawing (freelance)


I did 4 separate projects drawing caricatures for large groups, where each individual got their own hand-drawn A4 caricature. 

The smallest group had 32 people and the largest group had 63 people.

voluntary work

   Graphic Design

- Logo: Golden Grower.

- Logo: Íshampur.



Drew multiple front covers (caricature drawings)

for my college’s newsletter.


2020-present        Psychology - BA

Háskolinn á Akureyri, Iceland

2018-2019             Graphic Design - Intensive Foundation

The Graphic Design School, Australia (Online)

2009-2013             Social Sciences line – College/A-Level

(Matriculation Examination)

Menntaskolinn ad Laugarvatni, Iceland

   Additional short courses:

- Graphic Processing (Adobe basics).

- Calligraphy evening course.

- Weekend photography course.


   Drawing skills (realism, details).

Experience in charcoal and graphite, as well as oil paint,

watercolours (and more).

   Knowledge in:

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, MS Office, Excel, Powerpoint.

   Basic knowledge in:

Final Cut Pro, iMovie.


English (excellent), Icelandic (fluent), Norwegian (very good),

French (very low).