MoMA, New York


On the opposite page is a poster that I designed using elements I pulled from an old type layout study. 

It’s a promotional poster for the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It’s simple, with the playful placement, size and weight of the words playing a primary role. The colors are inspired by the color theme on MoMA’s website (in 2019). Since the design is otherwise quite minimal, my aim was 

to use a vibrant color that will catch people’s attention.

Misbehaviour Poster Mockup.jpg



The poster on the right is a redesign of a movie poster for 

Misbehaviour, which was released in March 2020. It’s based on the real events of Miss World 1970 and the Women’s Liberation movements at the time. I wanted to make sure that both the feminist symbol and the Beauty pageant got their place in the design, so I redesigned the feminist fist with a tiara instead of a circle around it.